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Everyone who is part of the Rotary family – Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors were welcome to participate in our first challenge.

Overall topic:

How do I fix the planet?

The Prizes:

Competition closed May 31st 20201 and our jury from around the world rated videos to decide the 7 winners (of course we are all winners when it comes to participating with helping fix the planet!)

Winners were announced June 5th – World Environment Day

The 7 best videos win a Zoom Conference with Holger Knaack

The selected top 3 also won a ‘social good prize’ donated to an approved* Rotary/Rotaract/Interact project of your choice which support either of the below environmental areas:

(*an existing project with a documented outcome or a project in plan which meets similar requirements.)
The total value of the prize is 1.500€ divided into 750€, 500€ and 250€ for the gold, silver and bronze winner.



Your video should be related to the environment – show us your projects, thoughts and feelings. Make sure that your video is entertaining, informative and easily understood. Regarding the content there are no creative limits.


70 – 100 seconds

Videos outside this range will be permitted but being outside the range is a criterion taken into account by the jury


There is no limit to how simple or advanced your video is, just as long as it shows your idea. 

The recordings can be made with a smartphone camera as well as film cameras. If you use your smartphone, please use the highest resolution (at least 720 pixel). 



If you want to add music to your contribution, consider the copyright and use free music. You can find free music on the following websites: (especially sound effects)



The jury speaks English. You can use any language you are comfortable with, but if you use a language other than English, please consider adding subtitles.
For example, this is how it works for YouTube:

Video submission:

You can upload your video on your platform of choice. Then publish the link to your video on our homepage. Think about an appealing title and description.



Make sure that your video doesn’t infringe on third party rights or violate law

And overall is in the spirit of the Rotary 4 way test. Be respectful of the feelings and opinions of others. 


 Click Here for our “How To Guides” for assistance >>

If you have any questions or technical problems, please contact us

Please SHARE! this challenge with your fellows in the Rotary family and friends using our Social Media Images or the icons on the bottom right of this page.

Please SHARE! this challenge with your fellow Rotarians, family and friends using our Social Media Images or the icons on the bottom right of this page.

This video contest was initiated by Ludwig Kalthoff together with a group of ESRAG members and the team the THE CLIMATE TASK FORCE. The initiative is sponsored by Holger Knaack, chairman of Rotary International. Thanks for making this possible: Klas Holmlund, Rob Anderson, Leonie Böker, Ingrid Hesser, Gunnar Akerblom, Felix Rodenjohann.