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The Winners are….

1st PlaceCapture Pollution Before It Escapes!

Boise Rotary Club and Boise South West Rotary Club

2nd PlaceRestore and repair coral reefs off the coast of Panama

Rotary Club of Newport Beach 

3rd PlaceNext generation owner’s manual to Global Warming

Rotary Club of Sidney by the Sea

4th PlaceSolar Panels Provide Renewable Energy to Hydroponic Freight Farm

5th PlaceRecurring Global Cleanups with the Rotary Club for Global Action

6th PlaceEnd Plastic Soup call to action for clubs

7th PlaceTrees, Trails, a Nature Centre, Observatory and Planetarium!

SPECIAL MENTION: People’s Choice Winners with most votes

1Creating NextGen Ecoleaders

2 Capture Pollution Before It Escapes!

3.…Protecting the Qingpu wetlands


Contest Ended


RC Amsterdam-Nachtwacht cleaned up the Westerpark in Amsterdam and found lots of trash
1 Votes
Jigsaw Puzzle Movie for EndPlasticSoup The idea and restkt of the first EndPlasticSoup Jigsaw Puzzel in the style of the Dutch designer Jan van Haasteren.
0 Votes
6th June 2020 Worldwide EndPlasticSoup Action Day, Harbour in Huizen, The Netherlands
1 Votes
EndPlasticSoup call to action for clubs, produced by Brian Jonson, RC Marlow, D1090, UK, Ambassador Club for EndPlasticSoup
1 Votes
#rotaryclubpenonome se une a la campaña “Yo Limpio” celebrando la nueva area de interés de #rotaryinternacional🌎 para la conservación del medio ambiente, inaugurando el proyecto “Pez recolector de plásticos” para dar inicio a la cultura de reciclar y fomentar a
10 Votes
The Green Team of East Chapel Hill Rotary of North Carolina has teamed up with Habitat for Humanity of Orange County NC to make renewable energy available to low income homeowners
2 Votes
The Waggle Dance is a lively, fun-filled dance that represents the way bees communicate within the hive about where to find nectar and pollen. The Rotary Club of Canterbury, Melbourne, Austrlalia, created the Waggle Dance to raise awareness about the
0 Votes
2 Votes
Planting of Queens Palm Tree seedlings in the parking lot of a shopping mall
0 Votes
Stockholm Djurgården Rotary Club
2 Votes
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This video contest was initiated by Ludwig Kalthoff together with a group of ESRAG members and the team the THE CLIMATE TASK FORCE. The initiative is sponsored by Holger Knaack, chairman of Rotary International. Thanks for making this possible: Klas Holmlund, Rob Anderson, Leonie Böker, Ingrid Hesser, Gunnar Akerblom, Felix Rodenjohann.