A word from Holger Knaack, Rotary International President

Ready to help fix the planet?


Watch the videos submitted in our first contest and be inspired to take action for the environment.

#IFixThePlanet #ESRAG





Nobody can do everything.

But everyone can do something to help fix the planet.

VIDEO CHALLENGE –  BEGAN: 01.01.2021,      ENDED: 31.05.2021

Winners  announced World Environment Day – June 5th

6394 People have registered to vote/submit their projects


As Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors, you are no stranger to working to make the world a better place together with likeminded people.


Now we are facing a brand new set of challenges, helping fix the environment and the future for us all.


Rotary International has risen to that challenge by declaring a new seventh Area Of Focus – “Protecting the Environment”


But how?


In ESRAG – The Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group – we are working together to provide a platform for the Rotary family around the world to get engaged.

The challenge was to create a video, ideally seventy seconds long (but no more than 100 seconds), where you showed us an environmental project you are working with, have worked with, or are planning to work with. 

Challenge your club members to do the same. Challenge everyone!

The more people see and get inspired from our films, the more we will all help fix the planet with this competition. 

After the contest closed, our representative jury of the Rotary family selected a group of winners.

Ted Waghorne - ESRAG ANZPI

Following many years working in the mining industry and the rehabilitation of mines I am particularly interested in identifying positive actions to improve our environment.  With the introduction of Rotary International’s new area of focus ‘Protecting the Environment’, I have been involved in setting up the ESRAG ANZPI chapter across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.  I anticipate that the ifixtheplanet challenge will highlight much good work that has already been done but perhaps more importantly showcase examples that can be replicated across the globe.  It will be exciting to review the contributions.

Lauren Urquhart – ESRAG Great Britain

Lauren Urquhart, Learning and Events Leader for the Scottish community group Sustainable Kirriemuir, is working hard to make positive change in her local community through several carbon reduction activities covering food growing, food waste, and climate change awareness raising. She believes in partnership working; inspiring and supporting others to act in the face of a changing climate. That is why she is delighted to have been invited to join the judging panel of the #iFixThePlanet competition. She can’t to hear more about the amazing work taking place across the world in a joint effort to protect our wonderful, precious environment!

Bilal Asghar – ESRAG Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Middle East

The idea of protecting our environment is often centred around leaving a beautiful place to live for coming generations. #IFixThePlanet #ESRAG challenge is an amazing contest inculcating the love of preserving and fixing this beautiful Planet. Being a part of this contest as a judge gives a privilege to watch the beautiful minds come up with different ways to express their concern about Mother Earth. I feel each contestant is like a plant, breathing out oxygen of hope.

John G. Mathers – ESRAG US West Coast

John is past president of the Rotary Club of San Francisco and a Climate Reality Project Leader.  As co-chair of a Rotary Climate Action Team (RCAT) Network he is focused on clubs taking action as part of the Seventh Area of Focus, Protecting the Environment.  John regularly presents to clubs about the climate emergency, its economic realities, and solutions any group can undertake.

Manisha Jain – ESRAG South Asia

We have the technology, resources, and capabilities to address and fix every issue on this planet. And protecting our environment starts with ourselves following the mantra Reduce, reuse, and recycle. From involving in Environmental RYLA, CZERO 2020 to #IFixThePlanet. Looking forward to inspiring ideas and projects to nurture our environment.

Carlos Montoya – ESRAG Latin America

“There are beautiful initiatives and amazing people fixing the planet at their part of the world, this video challenge is an amazing way to connect us all, the more connected the people fixing the planet are, the easier we will fix it!”

Matt Render - ESRAG Caribbean

As the Environmental Sustainability Chair for District 7030 (Southern Caribbean), and a Sustainability Communications specialist, I have found the submissions for the #IFixThePlanet video competition hugely inspiring. We included a selection as part of our recent District Conference, and the initial response from our members was very encouraging. I now look forward to playing my part in the campaign by encouraging clubs within my District to compete, and by serving as a juror, working with my peers from across the world to decide the competition winner.

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This video contest was initiated by Ludwig Kalthoff together with a group of ESRAG members and the team the THE CLIMATE TASK FORCE. The initiative is sponsored by Holger Knaack, chairman of Rotary International. Thanks for making this possible: Klas Holmlund, Rob Anderson, Leonie Böker, Ingrid Hesser, Gunnar Akerblom, Felix Rodenjohann.