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The Winners are….

1st PlaceCapture Pollution Before It Escapes!

Boise Rotary Club and Boise South West Rotary Club

2nd PlaceRestore and repair coral reefs off the coast of Panama

Rotary Club of Newport Beach 

3rd PlaceNext generation owner’s manual to Global Warming

Rotary Club of Sidney by the Sea

4th PlaceSolar Panels Provide Renewable Energy to Hydroponic Freight Farm

5th PlaceRecurring Global Cleanups with the Rotary Club for Global Action

6th PlaceEnd Plastic Soup call to action for clubs

7th PlaceTrees, Trails, a Nature Centre, Observatory and Planetarium!

SPECIAL MENTION: People’s Choice Winners with most votes

1Creating NextGen Ecoleaders

2 Capture Pollution Before It Escapes!

3.…Protecting the Qingpu wetlands


Contest Ended


Donations in Kind is a wholesale recycling operation that rescues goods from schools, hospitals, clothing manufacturers and more and ships locally and overseas (at no charge to recipients)
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#ESRAG #IFixThePlanet #compostchallenge #kompostchallenge
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TO RAISE THE AWARENESS OF THE PROBLEM To raise the awareness of the danger and irreversible damage to the environment that the improper use and incorrect management of plastic waste have already caused, and of the catastrophe that this will
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In February 2021 the Cleanup Mission with the CollectiX garbage collection boat took place at the Viségrad Dam in the River Drina, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This was a very important challenging start of the end plastic waste in this
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That was a cleaning campaign in Güija lake and surroundings in El Salvador, this is part of the Club Rotary Santa Ana projects, we are fixing the planet and helping communities.
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10 year old Livvi van den Akker was inspired by the news on plastic pollution in the oceans and seas where animals are being killed. She designed and produced this video herself. At the end of the video she shows
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This video contest was initiated by Ludwig Kalthoff together with a group of ESRAG members and the team the THE CLIMATE TASK FORCE. The initiative is sponsored by Holger Knaack, chairman of Rotary International. Thanks for making this possible: Klas Holmlund, Rob Anderson, Leonie Böker, Ingrid Hesser, Gunnar Akerblom, Felix Rodenjohann.